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There’s a New Puppy in the House

There’s a new puppy in the house, here are things to consider:

Leash and collar:

all dogs should have a well-fitting collar with I.D. tags. For a puppy you will want to consider a training lead.

provide separate bowls for food and water that are size appropriate.

Bed and crate:
crate training is an important way to house break a new puppy and help an older rescue dog feel at home.


a variety of chew toys will save your favorite belongings from being totally destroyed by sharp puppy teeth, and occupy your pet while in its crate.

a great way to reward your new puppy or older rescue dog for good behavior.

a quick and easy way to identify your animal in case it loses its collar or gets out of the house without it on. Consult your veterinarian about micro chipping.

Healthy food:
you will want to start your dog off using the food provided by the breeder or animal rescue organization, and then transition to an all-natural, high protein food without bi-products or fillers. Depending on the cat’s age and metabolism, a raw meat diet may also be appropriate. Come in to our shop and we will be happy to discuss with you the right feeding plan.

Bitter Apple and Nature’s Miracle:
puppy staples that keep dogs from chewing on household objects and marking indoors.

Dog walking and daycare:
a tired puppy is a good puppy. Depending on your schedule and availability you may want to consider a dog walking service or daycare situation in order to get your pet good exercise and socialization. We would be happy to provide you with recommendations for either of these.

Flea shampoos and treatments:
are available in natural sprays and medicated tubes. It is a good idea to bath your pet immediately on arriving home, and protect yourself and other animals from unpleasant flea bites.

Veterinary check-up:
always recommended for a new pet in order to get a base line of health and determine your pets overall condition and well-being.