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New Kitty

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There’s a New Kitty in the House

kittyThere’s a new kitty in the house: here are things to consider:

Bed or Crate: a great way to make your cat feel at home.

Scratching post: will help redirect your cat away from scratching the furniture.

Toys:will keep your wily cat occupied.

Treats and training rewards: help reinforce good behavior.

Pheromones: help keep an anxious cat or kitten from spraying or marking.

Grooming supplies: to control shedding and unwanted fur.

Collar and ID tag: even an indoor cat may wander out of the house.

Microchip: a quick and easy way to identify your animal in case it loses its collar or gets out of the house without it on. Consult your veterinarian about micro chipping.

Bowls: provide separate bowls for food and water that are size appropriate

Healthy food: you may want to start your cat/kitten off using the food provided by the breeder or animal rescue organization, and then transition to an all-natural, high protein food without bi-products or fillers. Depending on the cat’s age and metabolism, a raw meat diet may also be appropriate. Come in to our shop and we will be happy to discuss with you an appropriate feeding plan.

Cat sitter: it is a good idea to establish a relationship with a pet sitter early on in your cat’s life so that you can feel comfortable when you go away. A daily visit by an experienced cat sitter for refreshing food and water and a bit of playful social interaction is always recommended. Call us at the shop for recommendations.

Flea shampoos and treatments: are available in natural sprays and medicated tubes. It is a good idea to bath your pet immediately on arriving home and protect yourself and other animals from unpleasant flea bites.

Veterinary check-up: always recommended for a new pet in order to get a base line of good health and determine your pets overall condition and well-being.